As a manufacturer or distributor of oil spill response equipment you may want to consider advertising and/or listing your products in the Catalog.

First published in 1986, the Catalog has sold up to 750 copies per edition. The first effort of SL Ross, the 8th Edition, was published in June, 2004 and sold about 400 copies. With the 9th Edition in 2007 we added a CD version. The 11th Edition was published in May 2017 with the book and digital editions and this updated web site.

We have sold copies of the Catalog worldwide, to major oil companies, government agencies, shipping companies, terminal facilities, and oil spill co-ops, all of whom use the Catalog and have done so for years.

We also have had strong advertising support from manufacturers, and data listings in every sector of spill response equipment: booms, skimmers, sorbents, oil/water separators, pumps, beach cleaners, dispersant application equipment, and temporary storage devices.

The World Catalog started out as a basic listing of equipment specifications in 1986, and it has since evolved to be a useful reference book with descriptions of how equipment works, how to select equipment for different applications, and summaries of field and tank tests.

The World Catalog of Oil Spill Response Products is a unique catalog and compendium of valuable response product information.

Please take a careful look at the Chapter summaries in the Information area of this web site. If you want to consider becoming an advertiser or lister in the next catalog, contact Steve Potter at (613) 232-1564 or via email at Steve@slross.com  for availability and to discuss rates.

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Last updated: August 15th, 2017