The World Catalog has gathered information about equipment, both specifications and testing standards and metrics, for more than 30 years. Here you will find what we can offer online at this time.

The World Catalog Oil Spill Response Products is a comprehensive listing of information on containment booms, skimmers, sorbents, oil/water separators, pumps, and temporary storage devices. is intended to complement the Catalog with more frequent updates of equipment development and a direct link to our participating equipment suppliers.

Catalog Chapters provides an overview of the information available in each of the main chapters of the Catalog.

Equipment Test Standards describes some of the key testing standards for spill equipment.

Reference Papers lists some of the more significant research papers and reports in recent years related to spill equipment development and testing.

Archival Datasheets provides specifications for equipment that is no longer actively marketed or part of the current edition of the Catalog but may still be part of response inventories.

Last updated: August 15th, 2017