SL Ross Environmental Research Limited is consulting company located in Ottawa, Canada. Our primary focus is research and planning related to marine oil spills and countermeasures, and we have been a leader in this field since incorporation in 1980.

About 20% of the company's work involves technical consulting in the areas of oil spill contingency planning, countermeasures strategies, equipment and training. The rest involves research and development to improve technologies for responding to major oil spills. A professional staff consisting of four engineers, one biologist and a senior technologist conduct the R&D. Paper studies and computer work are conducted in our office in Ottawa. Experimental work is conducted in a 280-m2 laboratory on the outskirts of Ottawa. Over the years we have also taken advantage of larger facilities, including those available at Ohmsett in NJ, Prudhoe Bay AK, CRREL in Hanover NH, SINTEF’s facilities at Svea Gruva, the Canadian National Research Council’s outdoor wave tanks in Ottawa, and the analytical expertise available at Environment Canada’s Environmental Technology Centre in Ottawa.


The World Catalog is a comprehensive listing of information on containment booms, skimmers, sorbents, oil/water separators, pumps, and temporary storage devices.

The World Catalog started out as a basic listing of equipment specifications in 1986, and it has since evolved to be a useful reference book with descriptions of how equipment works, how to select equipment for different applications, and summaries of field and tank tests. As always, it includes comprehensive data listings with information on containment booms, skimmers, sorbents, oil/water separators, pumps, and temporary storage devices.

The World Catalog can be found wherever oil is produced, wherever oil spill equipment is available, wherever decision-makers and equipment buyers are located. Our coverage is worldwide. Major oil companies, government agencies, shipping companies, terminal facilities, and oil spill co-ops all use the Catalog and have done so for years.

Bob Schulze was the driving force behind the Catalog since the first edition in 1986. With Bob’s retirement in 2004, SL Ross Environmental Research took over production of the Catalog and has now published the Eighth and Ninth editions. For the 9th edition, we published the Catalog in a CD-version for the first time, as well as in its usual hard-copy form.

We have recently published the 11th edition in hard-copy. USB and smartphone apps are all available. With this edition we hope that we have met the high standards that have made the World Catalog the essential reference that it is.

Interest in the Catalog remains high, as we have retained the usual support of manufacturers and suppliers for advertising and data listings.

Last updated: August 15th, 2017