Catalog Announcement

SL Ross is pleased to announce the release of the 11th Edition of the World Catalog of Oil Spill Response Products, the essential reference book of the oil spill response community. With this Edition we are publishing it in its usual hard-copy format, a USB version and a smartphone-based app. You may buy the first format for $275, with one copy of each additional format, bundled at the same time, priced at $130 each.

eCommerce Announcement

Also, with this edition, we have implemented a direct purchase option below. Note that this is secure and credit card details are never held on this web site. VISA and MasterCard are accepted here. Contact us by email for other payment arrangements.

Should you wish to order in the traditional way, contact info@oilspillequipment.com. Shipping, returns, web site terns and conditions and privacy polices are available at the left.

Purchase Options


$275 USD

Purchase on Site

  USB Key

$275 USD

Purchase on Site

If you want the smart-phone app plus physical media you must start with buying the app. When we have notice of the app purchase we will issue discount codes for the book and usb to you by email. Please allow two working days for that process.

  iOS App
$300 USD*

  Android App
$300 USD*

* Note that pricing for the app stores is set in Canadian dollars and the price to you will be presented in the currently calculated amount of your currency. In August 2017 the price is $299 USD.

Last updated: August 30, 2017