Fascinating history of Arctic marine logistics published

MARCH 09 2017

Arctic Cargo is a history of marine transportation in Canada's north. It starts with Martin Frobisher in 1576, and finishes in the present day. Along the way the book explores, inter alia, topics such as, the politicking behind the construction of Canada's Arctic port; competition for the Hudson's Bay Company, how much cargo was really shipped to the DEW Line; the rationale behind the Eastern Arctic Patrol; construction of Canada's Arctic mines, their operation, concentrates shipped and the ships they used as well as exploring community re-supply.
 Marine activity in the north is poorly documented, Arctic Cargo rectifies this omission and offers an indispensable guide to the ships that were used, how they were employed, cargoes carried, and the routes taken.
 The book has been researched and written by Christopher Wright, retired President of The Mariport Group Ltd. He has been actively involved in Arctic studies since 1973 and is still involved in Northern projects.
Over the last twenty-five years, in addition to Arctic work for private clients, Wright has led teams that have advised Transport Canada on Arctic issues, as well as the Governments of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories on Sealift matters.

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